Jumat, 01 Januari 2016

Was The Movie Ip Man Based On A True Story?

The biggest problem with the movie Ip Man is that it's incredibly inaccurate, for a movie that is supposed to be "based on a true story."

It seems like the only historically correct elements of the film was the fact that there was indeed a guy named Ip Man, and he was a kungfu master that lived  during the Japanese occupation of China. That's the extent of the truth in this movie.

After you get introduced to the guy in the first act of the movie, you get an entire second and third act that are entirely fictitous, where it becomes a generic story about a rich guy who becomes poor, then uses his kungfu for good. It's like trading places meet rush hour.

Key facts that the movie got wrong :
1. Ip Man didn't get forced into manual       labor by the Japanese.
2. In fact, he was in Hong Kong during the war.
3. He didn't fight a Japanese general.

But seriously, why make a movie based on a real person if you're not even going to tell his real story?

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